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Hot for Sauna (Cologne)

Hi. I''m in Cologne through the end of November, and one of the main reasons I like the city (besides a great vibe, interesting people, and those crazy little glasses of beer) is the availability of several excellent sauna facilities right in or very near the city. (Talking about the "mixed" ones, not the gay ones.) Claudius Therme, Neptunbad, Mauritius, Mediterana, and more, I think. I will look into organizing a Group or Activity for people who are also a bit obsessed with this option for health and wellness. It would be nice to meet people who don't look at me as if I'm crazy when I mention this. If you know of any such formal or informal groups, please let me know. English-speaking would be helpful -- I can speak a little German, like a tourist, and I'm interested in improving. Thanks, Andre.

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