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Looking for an apartment in Cologne from March/Apr

Hallo guys!!!
I am considering moving to Cologne and currently I have been doing restless research about which area to stay in that is nice but not too expensive but with a possibility to have no major parking problems,,, whew!!!
I know but if you have any tips, please write me or if you have a flat available we can arrange!! However I am looking for -nippes/Sülz/Ehrenfeld /Neueherenfeld/Zollstock/Raderberg/Neustadtsüd

Looking fwd to any updates.I currently live in Düsseldorf and working in Cologne already so any spontaneous meetup is also welcome.

Can someone recommend driving Düsseldorf to Cologne everyday to work? Or is it better just to move? I am staying in Medienhafen, Düsseldorf. The gas will be paid for by the company but I am just seeking advice for those that are experienced with this.

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