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WHO CAN HELP ME? (Cologne)

Hello friends and members!

Its a greate oppurtunity to communicate with you on this paltform.I am loking for some hours of work in professional environment!

I am happy if anybody can introduce me to your company HR(or Boss) to initiate some meditation and yoga training groups as part of your work or private groups. I would like to know if anybody can take some initiative to start a group, weekly once, to learn breathing techniques and to practice stress free life style.

Any kind of initiative you take in your company or out side of the company, no problem, I am there to guide you through traditional methods and I will help you to lead healthy and peaceful life! I can work with you/your team /group regular basis.

please let me know who want to start or think on these grounds ? please mail me for more details or for an offer or to know more about this initiative!

Health and peace!

Sri Vishnu Pala

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