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30 day tourist visa and return flight debacle (Colombo)

Hi fellow Internations members,

I am planning on coming over to Sri Lanka for 2 months sometime in early January. The plan is to scout out Colombo and see if it is a place I would enjoy living and working in more permanently.

In my research (mostly on travel forums and government websites) I have heard so much conflicting information on the requirement have proof of return flight within 30 days of arrival.

If I would like to stay for 2 months, can the return ticket I purchase also be for a 2 month period or will they stop me because I am initially only entering on a 30 day visa? Its a bit of a catch 22 and I'm having trouble finding a consistent answer online! What is the best ( also most affordable and law abiding) way for me to do this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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