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A Foster Home for Bella! (Colombo)

Dear InterNations Family!

I came across "Bella", an aging, Alsatian / GSD that either escaped or someone put out due to a deteriorating hip / back leg condition that is the norm with this breed.

Bella was in a pitiful state when I came across her; emaciated due to starvation, unable to stand up or sit down easily, and a wounded front paw. Her condition was such, and I've seen many sad sightings of dogs in Sri Lanka(!), that her plight galvanized me to action and I determined to provide her a temporary home at my property in Colombo. However, once I was able to get her to my apartment, I realized that she was in much poorer shape than I'd initially thought. Her front paw had sustained two deep gashes that prohibit her from placing weight on the paw as well as intermittent internal bleeding. This meant that I would be unable to keep Bella at my property unattended.

After a few vet visits, Bella is on the road to recovery. She is beginning to shine; her coat, which has had a few baths now, is clean and soft and free of ticks (!!), she is beginning to put on weight and her paw is mending nicely. However she cannot do stairs due to the pressure on her back legs. She needs a daily dose of calcium and vitamins to sustain her motor functions in the back. She loves the outdoors and is eager to go outside and enjoy the gentle breeze in the early mornings and late evenings.

Because I live in an apartment building where I am keeping the two dogs I have with some difficulty, and because she needs daily care, I am looking for a foster home for her for approximately 12 weeks until I am able to move in to my home in early August. Bella requires easy access to a garden so she can do her business with no discomfort or guilt, and a caring and loving hand to feed her and give her her vitamins on a daily basis. I am more than willing and able to pay for her vet bills and continued medical care if and when necessary. However what she needs now is home care until August.

Bella is VERY intelligent and understands English even though her previous owner(s) appear to have mainly used Sinhalese with her. Bella is estimated as around age 8 but overbreeding at the hands of her previous handlers has prematurely aged her. With good care and love, she will have about Protected content quality years of life. She is very scared of firecrackers and needs to be with her human parent to comfort her when there are crackers going off. She has a healthy appetite and is a great companion and family dog.

If a foster family develops a bond with Bella I am happy to consider her staying on at her foster home.

Please let me know if anyone is interested in providing a temporary home for Bella!

Pics available under my profile.

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