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Bad landlord, don't rent this place! (Colombo)

Dear all!

Landlords, they seem nice until you have paid your years advance and the money is cashed. Just a notification for house seekers if you come across a house at Edward Avenue 291/8, close to Mayura Temple, Colombo 5: it will come out for rent for about 50,000 SLR by Ms Beruwalage or Mr Herath, only for foreigners. NEVER RENT THIS PLACE. It will cause you a headache. The place will never be yours, they live downstairs and want to control you. Today, after 11 months of problematic communication and threats during the last months, the landlords police complaint, electricity shut down for a couple of weeks we settled the deposit with great loss, simply cheated.

Also, don't get involved with Blue Mountain Pvt Ltd, a broker called Yasas Atanayake. He got us this house and never took care properly of all necessary arrangements and was just after the money. He could not even draft a propor contract.

These people look all fancy and present themselves as a respectable family in their community, but they are really only after your money.......

Anyone that has a better suggestion now I am homeless please drop a line:-)

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