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Cat, Bailey, looking for a good home (Colombo)

Bailey the Cat Needs A Home

Bailey is the little cat who lives in our house.
Actually she has lived in this house longer than us. When the previous occupants (an expat family) left Sri Lanka, they simply put their cat Bailey out onto the street and left her to fend for herself.
The house was empty for several months during which time she stayed close by, occasionally fed by the neighbours. Of course she was a very confused little cat. Her health deteriorated and somehow, during this time, she lost her tail!
Understandably, when we arrived she moved back into the house and has been living with us ever since. We fed her up and wormed and vaccinated her and she became healthy and happy.
Now, after 3½ years living in the house, we are leaving Sri Lanka for the UK. We cannot take Bailey because of UK quarantine law and because our asthmatic son is allergic to cats. No-one is lined up to move into the house.
Bailey is a lovely family cat, very friendly (even purrs at the vet) and extremely tolerant with children, putting up with buggy rides and even willing to wear scarves and necklaces.
I would so love to find her a good home before I leave at the end of this month. She is about 4 or 5 years old, in good health, sterilized and fully vaccinated.
Please call me (Amanda) on Protected content email me on ( Protected content ) if you might be able to offer Bailey a good home.

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