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Cats need urgent Rehoming (Colombo)

Hi - due to circumstances beyond my control, I find myself with serous visa issued and am stuck in Europe whilst my cats are in Colombo. They are being looked after by a friend, but they need a permanent home with lovely new owners:

I have 5 cats. They are:

Scout and Bunk:
Mother an daughter who are have to be re-homes together.
They are very independent cats, who are not lapcats, Bunk is a wanderer, and Scout prefers to stay close to home.

GingerBoy, Tiny Black Cat and Threelegs
They are siblings, 1 girl and 2 boys. Ginger is a handsome, cat who likes to snuggle. TBC loves cuddles and is, as name implies, tiny even for a Sri Lankan cat. Threelegs is very nervous (has just three paws), and isnt able to wander further than the garden because of this disability - he really needs a quiet home where he's left to be himself.
Ideally the siblings would be happier together.

All the cats have been neutered or spayed. they are all indoor and outdoor cats - and come and go in and out as they please. They are not used to busy roads or traffic.

My lease on my house is due to expire on the 14th December so I have 2 weeks to rehome the cats.
Please email me if you can help.


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