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Confused expat - looking for guidance quick svp (Colombo)

Salut All, moving from Paris to Colombo in 2 months - flew in yesterday to find a place to live quickly - I leave Wednesday night (tomorrow!). The realtors are quite useless - nice people but it seems they are not so well organized.

I'm a 32yr old professional looking for a Protected content place with a view, close to restaurants, some type of night life and easy living ie apt/flat or condo no house.

I've been taken to:
Colombo 8 Trillium (didn't like location)
Capitol residence okay but do not like fit and finish of apt
Crescat Residence - location seemed nice but apt was below par

They are setting me up to see Monarch and Emperor tomorrow but so far Im not sure if the real estate agent is taking me to the right places.

Any quick advice please?

I can still change the itinerary for tomorrow.

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