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Investigating a move to Sri Lanka (Colombo)

Hi everyone and thank you for reading my post.

We are a mixed race family me being British born and my husband was born in Sri Lanka. He lost his citizenship when he became British and we hope that he can get that back at some stage so we can move to Sri Lanka.

We are wanting to buy land to build a boutique guest house for us to run. We need to be near a good international school and a private hospital. My daughter suffers anaphylaxis and I need to know if we have a medical emergency which we have had here in Australia that help is not too far away.

We were thinking somewhere in the Galle area as while we can see Colombo has a lot to offer us as a family perhaps it is not the right place to run a tourist guest house.

We are looking for recommendations on real estate agents that can be trusted for assistance in finding the right block of land. Anyone able to recommend builders that can be trusted? Or would you say buy an existing hotel/guest house?

Has anyone built before and what advice can they offer to us? Are there things that we should know about and most likely won't know about.

And which schools would you recommend?

Sorry for all the questions we are very excited about our plan to move to Sri Lanka and I look forward to getting to know you all here on the forum.

I should say we visit Sri Lanka yearly so we are familiar with the place and it is only after our recent visit that we have decided that we could see ourselves living there.

My husband is a Civil Engineer/Project Manager for the railways here in Australia and he is also on the look out for work in Sri Lanka aside from setting up a business. Where would he go to find work? He speaks Sinhalese and has a lot of experience behind him and would love to give back to his motherland

Thanks in advance


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