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job market for expat development professionals? (Colombo)

Dear Internations Colombo members,

I hope this message finds you well! I am writing on a whim because for several years now my partner and I have been contemplating a move to Colombo to pursue international development/ international affairs work but we haven't been able to land the right kind of job from back here in Canada.

Because we are really serious about pursuing this dream, I am thinking about coming over in January to suss things out. We'd be willing to relocate once one of us has a job. I'm wondering if any internations members who work in development or international affairs or who have friends that do could comment on the job market for this line of work. While I am yet a senior manager, I have 5 years of relevant experience working for governments, international orgs and NGOs and have complemented my professional work with an M.A. in International Affairs.

I am aware that in any place it is always a bit risky just to show up without work, but I'd be interested to know if Colombo provides a suitable environment for this to be rewarded with success. Of course nothing is ever certain, but I'm looking for a bit of context on the demand for development professionals and the ease at which employers can sponsor expats to get work permits.

Really any insights would be greatly appreciated. This is a move I have been wanting to do for a long time and at some point, I will make it happen.

Kind Regards,


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