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KAMIKAZE Event Calender (Colombo)

Location No. 28, Longdon Place,(Inside CRFC Complex)Colombo, Sri Lanka
Contact Number Protected content

1.Sangria Sundays at KAMIKAZE-Sundays are Fun days,come listen to acoustic music and have a Sangria pitcher-Every Sunday 6.30pm on words

Sangria pitchers for Rs. 2,500/- all evening/night

Classic White
Classic Red
Wild Berry
Citrus Bite
Apple Twist
Sparkling Ginger
Lychee Chiller
Smooth Vanilla
Dark & Strong

2.IPL final week ( Protected content ) arrangements have been made at KAMIKAZE from 22nd May to 27th May

Whoever is coming to watch the match will be able to enjoy our new deals on Food and Drinks,will promise you the best eveing

3.The 80's Music Party May 26th Saturday-
An era that was famous for big hair, luminous colours and ofcourse
GREAT music!
dress up in your best 80s outfits and head over to KAMIKAZE to experience a magical decade of the music you grew up with and much more!

4.KAMIKAZE KWIZ-Every Thursday at 8pm

Everything from Music, TV, Sports Film, General Knowledge, Pictures, etc, etc, etc.....
5 rounds of 10 questions each.

1st Prize: A Bottle of ABSOLUT Vodka
2nd Prize: A Pitcher of Absolut Kamikazes
3rd Prize: A Bottle of wine
LAST Place: A round of ABSOLUT KAmikazes :-)


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