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Looking for a job as teacher/touristguide (Colombo)


A half year ago I lived in India. In that time I travelled a lot to Sri Lanka. I fell in love with de country and also with my boyfriend who live in this beautyful country.

At the moment I live in Holland and he live in Sri Lanka. So I’m planning to move to Sri Lanka. Now I’m looking for a nice job, somewhere in Sri Lanka. I prefer a job as teacher (English/Dutch). Last year I worked as a teacher in India and I also have 3 years experiance as a primary teacher in Holland. I also like a new challenge, I like to tell story’s and giving people the time of there live in Sri Lanka, show them the beauty I see. So for me job as touristguide or an other job in the tourist industry, would be great. I also worked a long time at a bank, so a job at the office will fit me.

Hope anyone knows about a jobopening , really like to hear about it!

Best Regards,


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