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Looking for Consultants & Companies (Colombo)

Dear All,

The Institute of Business Mastery & Personal Growth will shortly be launching a series of 9 workshops on "The ABC & Protected content how to start you own business in Sri Lanka". The hands-on workshops will cover all aspects an entrepreneur should know before embarking in the launch of his/her dream business venture or they could be used as a refresher to those who already started theirs and need to clarify certain aspects of the business... therefore the what, how, when, why, who, how much, legal compliance, rules & regulations etc... will be taught, explained and demonstrated.

In order to complement the workshops, IBMPG is inviting Consultants and Companies offering reasonably priced, quality services or products to new entrepreneurs, start-ups or start-ups to be, to contact the Institute and show their interest.

Here are some of the most important criteria of selection of the companies/consultants which will be recommended & presented to the participants:

Companies/Consultants truly interested to assist and accompany new entrepreneurs and start-ups to success and not just to see them as an opportunity to only increase their revenues; ready to offer outstanding services to the person or company as if it was for a blue chip company.
Companies/Consultants willing to offer very special packages, reasonably priced products/services specially tailor made to new entrepreneurs, start-ups and start-ups to be.
Companies/Consultants interested to mentor some of our participants for a certain minimum of hours to accompany them on their road to success, and willing to sign an NDA and non-competition agreement prior to engaging in their task.
Companies/Consultants ready, if invited to do so, to make a professional presentation of their type of services along with the services/products generally offered by their industry with tips and advices on how to obtain the best for success.
Companies/Consultants ready to sponsor 3 of our top participants with the best business plan with whatever service, product they might want to offer to the new entrepreneur, start-ups or start-ups to be, to encourage them and applaud their courage in wanting to start a new business venture.

The companies and consultants we are looking for belong to the below categories:

Company Secretaries
Auditing Firms
Commercial Lawyers
Finance Companies
Marketing & Digital Marketing Strategists
Internet, website designers,
Social Media Specialists
Consultants in various types of business, marketing, strategic & Financial plans
Associations offering services to new entrepreneurs & start-ups
Taxation specialists
HR companies & specialists
Business software vendors with business solutions
Specialists on Intellectual property & copyright laws
Specialists on business image, grooming & etiquette
Insurance companies offering various business related products
Consultants in BOI rules, regulations as well as immigration

The Institute's website will be officially launched on January 20, Protected content the selected companies in the above categories will also have the priviledge to have their logo and one page of presentation of the company, its products/services on the Institute website under the heading: IBMPG Partners (in the success of the new entrepreneur)

Those interested to service the new entrepreneurs, start-ups and start-ups to be, are welcome to contact us at the below email address with expression of their interest:

The Business Development Manager
The Institute of Business Mastery & Personal Growth
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Protected content

Further, if any one of you would know of a company, a person, a consultant wanting to be part of this new dedicated service to the new entrepreneur, please feel free to pass on this email.

Thank you,

Brigitte B. Siriwardhana

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