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Marketing Professional Looking for Job in Colombo



I am a 31 year old Danish marketing professional that is currently looking for a new platform to develop my career in Colombo.

With a BA in International Marketing and Sales and a MA in Market Communication and Consumption studies I have acquired a solid understanding of concepts and tools of modern marketing management. Combined with my strong background in market research along with the relevant experience to support it is an asset that you will find interesting and applicable to this position. My abilities to conduct primary and secondary research based on strategic analysis of competition, industries and consumers is honed effectively so that I am able to execute all market research projects and marketing activities successfully.

Furthermore, I have held a number of marketing positions with a high degree of responsibility, such as Marketing Manager at a Dubai-based advertisement company and PR and Marketing Coordinator in an European building supply company.

Feel free to get in touch if you know someone in need of my skill set.

Best regards,

Sofie Jensen

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