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Moving to Sri Lanka - job opportunities (Colombo)

Hello all! I am new to this forum so sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I am married to a Sri lankan man and we are living in Dubai but moving back to SL hopefully. I am expecting our first baby in a few months and will deliver in UK, but I want to look into what are the job opportunities at the moment? My husband worked in Dubai for 8 years in Hospitality Management, and I worked here for 3 years in Hospitality and Training. Currently I am teaching English part time.
Do you think we can have a good lifestyle in Sri lanka and are there enough jobs in the areas that we would be looking into? I have posted on other sites such as expat blog but I got loads of conflicting info which turned into other posters arguing among themselves so please just useful and clear info to help me make my decision!
Thank you in advance, Noora.

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