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Retiring to Sri lanka (Colombo)

My husband and I are retiring and moving to Columbo this year. We are extremely interested in animal welfare and already are involed with tnr programs for cats where we live currently.we also enjoy outdoor persists, cycling, walking, sailing and water sports. We enjoy eating put and meeting new people.
Can anyone please help with information about animal welfare groups that they are involved in or have had experience with please. Additionally are any members a member of a sailing club or,marina? Is there an area where expats meet uP?
We are planning to rent a house when we first arrive, is there a particular aRea anyone could recommend please?
It would be really helpful to have some imputation from someone currently living in columbo.
I look forward to hearing any responce and am looking forward emensly to living in sri lanka ut is such a beautiful conntry and the people sk kjnd and helpful.
. Best wishes Gill,

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