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South east Asia Tavelling (Colombo)

Hello hello,

Colombo expats!

Im a Korean curreuntly living in Bangkok.
Since my last vactaion here has started and i just wonder who might be free enough to travel around with me somewhere in South Asia?( Possibly among Vietnam, Burmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Siem Reap for around 3 weeks until the early of Feb) Could be whole journey but also not. Im quite flexible with this so we can plan or you may join one of travelling. But still I have no plan yet. lol I might just buy a ticket then go something like that?
As you know its always better to have like-minded companies around you when you travel? Or i might end up to start my trip? :./
Let me know if you have some interests. It will be great to know somebody wants to go as soon as possible. Thinking to start my journey during this week/weekend!(hopefully or possibly!)

From Erin

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