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Starting A Business As A Foreigner - Help? (Colombo)

Hi I am planning to move to Sri Lanka from Australia early next year to start a business there. I have done quite a bit of research on the matter but still cant seem to find all the answers im after. The Industry I would fall under tourism for the most part, which I have seen there isnt any major restrictions like certain other industries. I have run a number of businesses here in Australia, 1 being along the same lines as what I have planned, so my main questions are mostly focused around visas. If its only a small business does it have to be run through the BOI? what would be the appropriate visa to get? Im assuming it would be a working visas, but how would I go about getting one without having an employer in Sri Lanka working to sponsor me (as it would be my business obviously)

If anyone has any advice they can provide that would be greatly appreciated!

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