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UEFA Euro Dutch Team supporters; Change of Venue (Colombo)


Hi every one,

For who is interested in the below message, please note that there has been a CHANGE OF VENUE.
The Dutch will not meet in the Cheers bar, as the Dutch association has been told that Cheers has decided not to show the match there :-/
So the Dutch association (NVSL) has informed me that the new venue for this match will be UNION BAR AND GRILL at the HILTON RESIDENCE hotel.

To all Nederlanders and Supporters of the Dutch Soccer team,

It is all about to start! This coming Saturday the Dutch play their
first match against Denmark.

All Nederlanders and supporters of the Dutch soccer team, gather in the
UNION BAR AND GRILL bar at the HILTON RESIDENCE HOTEL, wear/bring all the ORANGE gear you have available and let's cheer them to Victory!

We hope to see you there!

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