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Volunteering and internship opportunities (Colombo)


If you are looking for a volunteer position as an English teacher in Sri Lanka, you can try the project close to Passikudah beach.


Volunteering and internship opportunities in Sri Lanka at New Light British College.

We are very much welcome the help of local and foreign volunteers to New Light British College East Sri Lanka.

We are much closed to Passikudah beach. Please see some pics what I have uploaded in CS.

Volunteers will usually take 2 to 3 classes per day with students ranging in age from 3 to 15 years old and two adults groups, no more than 4 hours of teaching per day, 5 days a week.

You don't need to be a native speaker, nor a qualified teacher, and your task is to assist the Sri Lankan teachers and students to pronounce English words correctly. You have a good command of English, without a strong accent, and you are a good team player and love children.
We offer English classes to locals who are unable to afford private language lessons.

Food and Accommodation are Free.

Areas you can volunteer while at New Light British College, East Sri Lanka. :
• English/French/Korean and other foreign languages
• Help fundraising for New Light British College East, Sri Lanka.
• Creating promotional videos, presentations, brochures, newsletters, etc

Public transport is cheap and widely available in Sri Lanka. We are 40 km East from Batticaloa
From Colombo to Batticaloa and from Batticaloa to Valaichenai. Sri Lanka used to be a British colony and there are many people who can speak English well.

Food and Accommodation are Free.
The food is good quality, fairly plain and simple. Rice is the staple food. The curries can be quite spicy, with chili peppers and other spices. Food reservations like halal/vegetarian will be respected by us. Accommodation and three meals are provided for the prospective volunteers totally free of charge at rented house. This includes a separate bedroom and shared bedroom with a bed, mosquito nets, fan, desk and access to the common bathroom and shower.

The medical care in government hospitals is free. Malaria and Polio has been eradicated from Sri Lanka. The drinking water is generally of good quality; nevertheless it is always safer to drink boiled water.

It is important to bring all basic personal requisites, such as towels, toiletry, mosquito repellent, cooling gel after insect bites, vitamins, medicines (ex: Polysporin), flashlight, batteries, umbrella, etc.
You can extend your visa on your arrival in Colombo. Two Protected content extension beyond 30 days shall be granted at the Department of Immigration Emigration (Head Office). However further extension (max 90 days) shall only be considered with valid reasons.
Students’ English and IT knowledge was improved remarkably due to the volunteers’ help over the past few years and we encourage more volunteers to help the students and the youth in the village.

Kind Regards,
Manoharan Roshan Pratheepan (ACMA)
Director Operations
New Light British College
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