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Wheel of Fortune - 18 Sept event at Cinnamon Grand (Colombo)

Whats happening?
Hosted by the Cinnamon Grand, on 18th September Protected content , twenty teams from companies and organisations across Colombo will compete to see who can win first prize in our special treasure hunt with a twist. What’s the twist? While the participants may be non-disabled, they will have to ‘run’ the treasure hunt in wheelchairs!

Whats the aim?
The wheelchair users in this race will not have a disability, and so they will learn first hand just what the difficulties are for wheelchair users in getting around one part of Colombo. Many people think if you have a wheelchair then you must be ok - especially in the more developed areas of our country. This will show the participants and their colleagues and companies just what a real issue accessibility continues to be!

What’s the buzz?
With support from several media sponsors, this event will be featured in the national press to help make an impact across the country. We are also hoping to record a TV programme to document the challenge and explore attitudes towards disability before, during and after the event, which will be screened country-wide in English, Tamil and Sinhala.

And the best bit?
All proceeds from the event will go towards projects run by ECSAT in Galle to make communities more accessible, by funding activities like the building of ramps and accessible toilets in private and public settings, and ensuring local builders and carpenters understand access needs when they are building in the future and establishing transport for all to help kids get out of their houses and play with others.

How can we get involved?
Contact Cath Liyanage on Protected content more information about forming a team, or come along to support the awards ceremony from 17.30

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