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Jürgen Hofmeister

Living in Copenhagen, from Switzerland

"The various InterNations activities for expats in Copenhagen made me feel welcome immediately. "

Sarah Porter

Living in Copenhagen, from Great Britain

"InterNations expats let me see that there's much more to Copenhagen than clichés like The Little Mermaid and Tivoli..."

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Hej and welcome to the Copenhagen Expat Forums!

The InterNations Copenhagen expats forum welcomes you! By becoming a member of our InterNations community in Copenhagen, you will easily have access to all the information that you require when relocating. From residence permit requirements or immigration documents at the Danish consulate, the best transportation options to Aarhus or Odense or tips about taking a trip to the peninsula of Jutland – who can better help you than your fellow expatriates? By making full use of the expat forums for Copenhagen, you can get in touch with other global minds.

Latest Posts in Copenhagen Expat Forum

 Copenhagen Expat Q&A

Re: Salary - How Much?

Depends what you do in IT? If you are an engineer around 40k would give you a comfortable net amo...

Re: Tax in Denmark

It also depends on your tax free amount. You will probably get a tax % aroung 38-40, and then you h...

Re: Best Neighborhood to live

I have lived on Amager (Copenhagen S) for 13 years, I wouldn't live anywhere else. You have city li...

 Copenhagen Town Talk

Inside Out Three Sisters

A new, already award-winning performance: Inside Out Three Sisters by the Copenhagen International ...

International Summer Camps for children

Learn more about Camp Carlsbad, a great opportunity for kids 10-16 to make most of their summer hol...

Market Survey Help

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help with a user survey, and am looking for someone who is exp...

 Copenhagen Expat Housing

actively looking for rent a room

GoodEvening All, My name is Arun and i am from India. I am planning to move into denmark on com...

Re: Rent place to stay from friends network

Hi Kirti, We would love it if you joined my friendsroom, basically it's about staying with peopl...

Re: cpr registration

You have to go to cityhall to get registered, remember your passport!

 Copenhagen Expat Jobs

Hvad kan man lave i Spanien?

Gå dig en tur langs stranden og kigge på alle turisterne. Eller du kan sidde i shorts og læse en bo...

From Austria or Germany and job hunting? :-)

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great day! Here is a job opportunity for you, who is nativ...

Re: app developer

Hello Balwant Rai, if you still are interested, then please contact srikanth ankam on srikantha...

 Copenhagen Expat Marketplace

Re: looking for used living room furniture

Thanks for response Maja - we have already gotten our house in order. Lee

leader sofa set for SALE!

3 and 2 person black sofa set! Less then 2 years old, bought new for 7000 kr Colour: back ...

Mumford&sons concert_12th May @ Forum, Copenhagen

Hello, I'm selling two tickets for Mumford&sons concert next Thursday. Please contact me if int...

Members exchange their tips in the Copenhagen Expat Forums

Whether you are an expat newcomer or already veteran in Copenhagen, you’ll undoubtedly have plenty of questions about the life in Denmark, starting from ʺCan I easily borrow "Danish 101" textbooks from local libraries?ʺ to questions about Danish mentality.

Our private community offers expats in Copenhagen a place to share tips, and find answers to all possible expat questions. Our expat forum Copenhagen is open to Denmark-based expatriates from all around the world, whether you are German, Czech or Arabic.

The Expat Forum Copenhagen – a Place for mutual Support

Members taking part in the expat forum Copenhagen enjoy a platform to connect with other expats as well as internationally-minded Danish people to receive reliable advice. With the InterNations expat forum for Copenhagen, you may always have a fellow expat to help overcome any issues that you may come across while living overseas.

Do you require further information on expat issues like financial service providers or domestic help in town? Then you should also take a look at our Copenhagen Expat Guide, which is one of the many useful resources that we offer next to the expat forums. But for support on all issues with regard to the local expat life, such as ʺHow important is punctuality in Danish etiquette?ʺ, benefit from the Copenhagen expat forums.

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