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4 Room (Living Room plus 3 bedroom) August 2016 (Copenhagen)

I was born and raised in Panama City, Florida while my father is from the USA, my mother is from Denmark. I have dual-citizenship to the United States and Denmark so I have decided to take a year and work in Copenhagen. I graduated a few months ago with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication Studies and Film Studies. I worked as a barista at a local coffee shop to work through college, and now, have gained immense interest in the coffee industry. I want to work in Marketing/Social Media/Graphic Design at a coffee shop or roastery. I am moving to Copenhagen to gain more experience working in a cafe, learn the Danish language, and live with my cousin, Gitte. She will be working full time at an internship in correlation with her Master's program in Global Refugee Studies. I also want to live with our friend, Selma, who is a nurse. We will all be working full time and are just wanting a nice, central place in Copenhagen to live. We are wonderful, full-time hard working young women who are respectful and clean in our place of living. Please help us find an apartment! Tusind Tak

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