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Albatross Only Events coming up soon... (Copenhagen)

Dear Albatross members,

as many of you have expressed the need to enjoy more secluded and exclusive Albatross Only events, the Internations team has now taken your wish to their hearts and made this Xtra event possible following the tradition of the already successful Albatross Only events established in Germany.

I have had the pleasure to be announced the local ambassador for Albatross Only events to be launched in addition to the regular events taking place every last Thursday in the month. To our gladness, great minds have already established the Internations gatherings as a tradition in the Copenhagen community. I will follow the best practice and best advise from my ambassador colleagues to continue the development of the Internations concept and bring it up to the next level.

Albatross members will now be able to draw a real benefit from their membership by having the priority to attend the Albatross Only events, which are scheduled to take place every other Thursday in the month - and not colliding with the regular Internations events taking place every last Thursday in the month. At present I can only disclose that the first Albatross Only event is in the making of and is about to be announced soon but you can already book your calendars for January when we are all back from the Christmas and NYE holidays.

I am entirely delighted to become an integrated member of the Internations team and am awaiting the official announcement of my other colleague to be appointed an ambassador for Albatross Only. Together with my colleague I am convinced that we will make this Albatross Only tradition a huge success in our local community. Therefore your best ideas and critics and all kind of appreciations and disapprovals of the events run for Albatross members will be highly valued. We desire and aspire to make you feel welcome and an integrated part of the Internations community designed to make your life more colourful while you are abroad.

Global minds with Albatross membership status can really look forward to our first event in January. We will keep you posted here.

Best regards
Pavlina Ivanova

Copenhagen Forum