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Are all "craigslist" housing ads scam? (Copenhagen)

Hi everyone!

My name is Lizy. Me and my fiance Gabriele are relocating to Copenhagen in a few days, and for the past couple of months we have been looking online for apartments to rent.

I took upon myself the task of going over all possible sources of information, so I've read almost every post here on this forum, and after following the advises given to others who were also looking, I attempted to contact agencies (without receiving a single reply from any them), signed up on different websites and pretty much have looked everywhere I can imagine.. being craigslist one of those, and I was wondering... has anyone here had any experience with renting a place from someone who posted an ad on craigslist?

First of all I find it super weird and useless that most of the people who post ads there don't post pictures of the apartments they are renting. Also, every single one of the people I've contacted, who have replied to my emails, have told me they are not in Copenhagen, but somewhere abroad (South Africa, London, Germany, etc), and expect us to send a payment via a payment agency such as Western Union, to then have the keys sent to us by courier, without us even viewing the apartment first, and then I think: does anyone really fall for this scam???, or do these peeps think we are that stupid???

And then, right after I thought it would all be a huge waste of time, I bumped into two different guys, who seem to be somewhat honest. One even sent me a scanned copy of his passport; and both are trying really hard to come up with a way around getting the deal done.. however, I still don't trust neither one and I'm not sure if I should... not really knowing how things are done in Copenhagen, and perhaps it is really the way things are done over there when it comes to putting your apartment for rent.. who knows.

So I'd really appreciate any advise you can give us, if any of you have had any experience, whether good or bad, with someone who've posted a place for rent on craigslist.

Thanks in advance!


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