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Australians in Scandinavia Facebook group (Copenhagen)

Australians in Scandinavia – stop revive survive
Dear all Australians who have settled in the Scandinavian Countries,

My name is Laura Rossing and I am an Australian who has been living in Denmark since Protected content . I have started a group on Facebook called ‘Australians in Scandinavia – stop revive survive’.

The aim of the group is to assist other, established Australians geographically in finding each other and to be able to meet informally for a coffee whilst e.g. travelling through the Nordic Countries. This was inspired by the fact that we are so many that live here and have established ourselves/families, so we never even get make it to ANZAC day. Yet when we travel around, we could easily pass each other without realizing it. So the idea is that we can meet for a break, just as you would with the stop revive survive places in Australia.

Probably just like you, I have met many Australians whilst travelling around. The most recent time was when we were on our way home from Sweden in December. We ran into an Australian guy in Sweden. My husband and I had a wonderful chat with him for half an hour, had a coffee, had a laugh and swapped numbers. It was so nice.

So I am hoping that this group can help us find each other and give us a chance to have a good break while we are travelling.

Kind regards,
Laura Rossing

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