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Death of a Spouse (Copenhagen)


Can someone please help.

I am a Turkish citizen living in Turkey. My belated husband was Danish (Born and raised in Denmark)

He passed away in February - I was not present and his family took care of all the arrangements - we never lived together in Denmark (but for only 3 months of which I was there on a tourist visa)

Long story short - the 'death certificate' that they sent me is insufficient with information - doesn't state my relationship to him or any other biographic or family history.

The family has informed me that "all of his paperwork has been destroyed - I don't know what this means and why they would say such a thing. That they don't even have a copy of his death certificate

I did some reading and need to get in touch with someone who can provide me a death certificate that has a link of us being married

How do I get in touch with any of the parties below?
I have his CPR number if that helps....

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When a person dies, a doctor writes a death certificate. If the death occurs at home, a relative must contact the doctor as soon as possible. The family receives the death certificate together with a death report which must be sent to the **Registrar of the State Church**

Death certificate

It is the** Danish National Church** which registers all deaths, irrespective of the religion of the deceased or their family, on behalf of the state. When a person dies, the probate court is automatically informed and summons the immediate family a short time after death. Here, it is decided what will become of the deceased’s possessions and personal eff ects.

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