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Feedback needed (on how I perceived Copenhagen)

I am a New York resident looking to move to Copenhagen. So, I visited the city for the first time and I had a very nice time. I drew some conclusions that may be biased... Would anybody care to confirm or reject these statements? I would appreciate some input...

1. Very civilized world. Quiet, polite, clean, organized, etc… Reminds me of Zurich…
2. Healthy and Environmentally conscious. Everybody bikes everywhere, even in the cold winter!!!
3. Very Safe. All the bikes are unlocked! Not even sure there’s a Police station over here… lol
4. Danish People are Beautiful. Thin, blond and tall! In the subway, I could barely grab the handle coming off the ceiling and I am Protected content !!! lol
5. Danish People are Friendly and nice, but guarded. I've been told that it's hard to get to know them well.

1. Protected content cold and gloomy weather. In 4 days here, I had yet to see the Sun!
2. Protected content taxes (apparently).
3. Protected content issues. Danes know English but they are not as proficient as I thought. Some legal documents (taxes, etc…) and websites are only in Danish. An understanding of Danish would be necessary.
4. Tough job market, especially if you don't speak Danish.

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