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Handicapped Spouse (Copenhagen)

My sister and husband are considering working in Denmark. Both are advanced in Information Systems Management and E-Training. However, I have a disability and receive USA payment. My husband and sister would receive monthly pensions upon leaving current jobs. How would my health impact their opportunity? Is the country accessible? Can I use a motorized wheelchair with public transportation? We are Protected content .

There are other spouses as well as younger adults with us holding degrees for international agriculture and resources. They have visited Quebec, Australia, Honduras and Peru. We also prefer to live in a clustered scenario, which is how we currently reside. Any suggestions for us? If not Denmark, where? We speak english and spanish. We thought we would take our next generation to South America. However, I can't find anything that supports that move for now. Is Denmark a country with a future? Our DNA shows that we are descendants of Vikings. I see Denmark uses no Euro. Would the average American adapt well to the apparent socialism there? Would our Protected content legacy in Scandinavia, Great Britain and Western Europe be helpful socially. We are thinking perhaps this could be a homecoming of sorts. Thank you

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