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Internation members with a car NEEDED FOR HELP !! (Copenhagen)

Hi ! This is a message to seek for some help !
Would there be someone kind enough to take my partner to the Red Cross by car?
I have 3 big boxes of clothing we need to get rid off ASAP (I should give birth in the next 3 weeks) and I wanted to give that away to either a church or the Red Cross but we do not have a car or a Christianiabike!

In exchange we can have you and your partner/family for a nice afternoon tea at our place (with some home made apple-pie - made by myself!! - and cookies!)

We live near Stroget (in Laederstrade) and the red cross is not that far (next to Nyhavn) - you will just need to drive (my boyfriend will do the caring of boxes of course!).

Thank you in advance!


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