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Job offer in Denmark- Language program suggestions (Copenhagen)

Yesterday I received a job offer in Denmark, interviewed there in country for the second time last week, and I am very excited about making the move. Sounds like visa hurdles, which always exist, but aren't perceived a problem by my future boss for several reasons.

The estimated move time will be right after the new year, and so about 6 weeks or so out. I have already made some personal life contacts there, via the Danish Kennel Club, and it sounds like I will be pretty welcome.

I have read Living and Working in Denmark, great source of information. I know how important it is personally and professionally to learn Danish. I have an iPhone app that has basic Danish on it, but I am wondering which language learning program would be the best to get. Generally what I hear is Rosette Stone is the best to get. Is this true or does anyone have another suggestion?

Thank you and looking forward to my new home. :)

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