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Looking for a room from March or April (Copenhagen)

Hej! I’m Maike, a recent Marketing graduate (originally from Germany) who just came to Copenhagen for a job as business analyst (to finally start saving up for a jetpack). Living with a fellow international would be a dream, so I'd love to hear from you if you're looking for a new tenant :).

// AS A PERSON, I ... //
> am rather calm but enjoy chatting with flatmates or getting together for dinners and so on :)
> am always up for concerts, art, weird events and volunteering gigs (as a CPH newbie, I’d love to hear your tips!)
> tend to get carried away cooking dinner with, like, 57 dishes cooking all over the place
> have a poor taste in wine (but great taste in playlists!)
> am considerate of giving people the space they need
> am dedicated to keeping the place clean

I am looking for a room in a shared apartment. More than location, I care about my future flatmate(s) - you!

I don’t care much about your age or gender - above all, I am looking for flatmates who
> enjoy living with others!
> mainly see their home as a place to chill, kick back and have friends over rather than a place to throw parties every weekend
> are somewhat mature individuals who are committed to doing their share of the household work and are considerate of others in the home

Sejt! Just send me few lines about yourself and I’d love to meet you and check out the place!

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