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Moving to Denmark (Copenhagen)

Hi everyone!

I have been looking for some information regarding how to best look for a job in Denmark, as well how to write CVs and so on. Unfortunately couldn't really find anything at the moment here.

But looking through the posts I've noticed how many people are interested in moving and starting up procedures in Denmark, i.e. language, work, tax and so on -wise. And I could just see myself a couple of years ago :)

So I decided to share with the others, where I got the information from (I'm not sure if the post should go to the Marketing space here?). It was the book called "The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark" by Dagmar Fink who herself has a quite international background and has been iving in Copenhagen for some years now. This book gives some real information on all those questions about [url=Taxes Education Leisure time Danish culture Work in Denmark] Protected content

I'm not sure if the link above is going to work. So, here it is again: Protected content

And this is not a spam. I know how it is, I've been there. Surely the Danish family of my husband and working with Danes before contributed a lot to my understanding of DK. But the book was just as important. I just wish I had read it even earlier, thus I could have avoided lots of misunderstandings having arisen between me and my Danish husband :)

Good luck to all those who want to open DK for themselves. It's really worth it!!

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