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Personal development & Coaching (Copenhagen)


Hi - are you spending time on your own personal development?

Do you hear this inner voice all the time holding you back and stopping you going after your dreams and following your passion?

Why not try a free coaching session and start to explore what is possible for you.

As your coach I will commit to

1. Holding the Space

Most people do NOT have someone
who is holding the space for them, who
is there to remember their true full capacity,
someone who sees them as perfect and
capable of everything they most want.

Even friends and family may have limiting
beliefs about you - but a coach doesn’t.
They see you at your very best.

2. Fixing one obstacle at a time

Often we give up on what we want, not
because an obstacle is too big, but because
there are too many little obstacles. This
clutters our thinking, and we slow down.

A coach can help you “declutter” your
thinking by helping you tackle one obstacle
at a time. And then the path is clear.

3: Helping you see what you’re missing

We tend to overlook our own strengths.
We have a great idea - but forget.
We make progress and don’t recognize it.

A coach is your “second pair of eyes”
that sees the diamonds in the rough you’re
missing - and helps you to focus on the genuine
opportunities that will make the biggest difference.

Check out my web site at Protected content or contact me direct to get some more information.

Have a great weekend

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