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Potenial move to Denmark... (Copenhagen)

I am flying next week to Denmark for my last, I hope, interview for a position in Denmark, permanently based there and a full time employee with the company I will be work for. I would be living and residing outside of Copenhagen to the west in the Midtjylland. I am looking at residing in Herning, due to the proximity to where the position would be located and the variety seemed to be offered in the city. Is anyone familiar with Herning? Next week I plan to hire a car and drive around the area to see what it is like.

This whole process started over a year ago and the individual who I would be working for has been trying to get me over to Denmark to work in some capacity or another in the organization. I am feeling comfortable about the possibility getting the new job and moving to Denmark, but not doing it in the middle of winter there.

I would love any advise you could give me. I was told by the person who will be interviewing me that if I do get the job, the company will handle all of the visa paperwork and with my employment experience and having a masters degree in an engineering field obtaining a work visa will not be an issue. Has anyone experienced difficulties getting a work visa in Denmark in engineering fields if you had a masters level degree?

Thank you for your help.


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