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Renting apartaments in Copenhagen

Hi! I am a future student at DTU! And in this period I`m look after a place to live. I have found several apartments but have a little problem. When I get in touch with the owner via I have the same answer.

"1.Do you have ultimate interest in my apartment from the pictures sent.(YES/NO)

2.Do you accept to rent my apartment under the price quoted above.(YES/NO)

3.Do you accept to sign the Rental agreement documents prior my arrival to viewing you my apartment. (YES/NO)

4.Do you Accept to pay the deposit payment after signing the contract documents before my arrival to view you my apartment physically.(YES/NO).

5.Which Nationality are You.Can you tell me briefly about yourself.

Once i receive your response positively to my questions,i will scan you the application form so that we can proceed with the contract and let me know if you will be renting a room or the whole apartment ok."

And the second one to reserve a room:

"But anyways to make reservation for the room,
You and I will have to sign a reservation form after which I will post the keys of the apartment to you via Dhl and send you the tracking receipt, so you will transfer payments to me Immediately.

To proceed with the reservation form I will be needing the followibg informations of you:

Your name,
Your phone number,
Your passport ID number,
Your date of birth,
Your current address,
Your move in and move out date."

What do you think? This is the system in Copenhagen?
This is the way of making a reservation for a apartament?

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