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schools and waiting lists (Copenhagen)


Hei all,
I am a bit stuck. We will most probably move to Copenhagen in the course of the year. Issue is that we do not know when exactly yet. It might take several months before we know it for sure (when the contract's been signed).
We do have 2 boys, aged 6 and 9. They have Norwegian as their mother language, and they do understand Dutch too. The eldest has had some English at school in Norway too, but he cannot really express himself well. The youngest will start school here in Norway in August. Unless we move.

I have started to look for some schools in Copenhagen and would prefer an English-language school, like CIS or so. But here I am reading about waiting lists too. I am not familiar with the system of waiting lists - does this really mean that you risk that you do not get a place at the school? What's the alternative then?

So if anybody could advise : is any of these schools recommended? when is the absolute latest subscription date (I suppose we need to contact the schools for that, but any advise here is welcome).

Thank you so much!

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