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Temporary contract in Denmark (Copenhagen)


Hi everyone,

I am pretty new in this communauty and I'd like to ask for some advised tips :-)

I work in CPH for a year now. I had a 1year contract that is ending soon and my company wants to give me another 1 year contract ... my position is not a temporary position at all. Most of my colleagues doing exactly the same job have a permanent contract. Our management keeps saying that renewing a temporary contract is not illegal but I looked at the law and it sounds that this is not legal at all. A temporary contract does not give the same rigths as a temporary one.
I don't belong to any union and my contract has not been done under a collective agreement. I will sign this new contract because I don't really have the choice so far ...but I was wondering what could I do ? Can an union help me? Is it worth going to a lawyer? Has someone already had this issue?

Thanks a lot for your help :-)


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