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Wondering why so many questions here go unreplied? (Copenhagen)

I'm pretty new to Internations... have been a memeber for about five months now, and I come to this forum whenever I need information of any kind... after all that's what forums are for and the users should all know the drill: one member posts a thread, which is usually a question, and then other members read it and some reply.... and afterwards that information can be useful for other members.

What I've seen here quite often is that some threads show to have several views, sometimes 20 or even 30 views, and then zero replies, and it just makes me wonder, why is that?. I myself posted a thread a few weeks ago, asking if anyone here had an experience with renting an apartment via craigslist or if all rent ads there are scam, and not a single person replied to my thread, yet 14 viewed it. I have to say I not only find that rude but rather disappointing, I would have appreciated at least someone suggesting me to go to such or such websites to look for an apartment or any other advise regarding my search... not necessarily answering my question, but the advise would have been better than no reply at all, and for sure highly appreciated.

As much as I do understand that not everyone could have the specific answer to someone's question, when it comes to a newcomer to Cph, anything, even the smallest tip could be helpful, and a short reply is better than no reply. I know I speak for all those members who've posted threads asking questions that have gone ignored, makes you think if it's even worth taking the time to post something here.

Cheers everyone!

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