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Yes or no re: moving to Copenhagen. Questions.


Hello and thank you for reading this. I need some questions answered about life in Copenhagen for expats please:
((should I post this under Town Talk?))
1) Which are the most upscale or desired neighborhoods with houses/villas in the closest proximity to the main part of Copenhagen? Prices? We have 3 kids and like to entertain. We would like to have seperate maids quarters.
2) Same question as above, but regarding international schools (English, Spanish, French, Catholic) neighborhoods and fees?
3) What is the average salary for a live-in maid? Not really to mind children as much as cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking. If not a live in, but hourly, what is the salary?
4). How expensive is electricity, water, gas, cable tv, internet?
5) Should I import my car? It is an SUV (Lincoln Navigator). Or should I buy/lease locally?
6) Are we exempt from the VAT if we are diplomats?
7) I always go to a new country with an open mind and positive outlook, but I also like to be prepared for anything negative so it wouldn't come as a shock if it happens. Other than the dreary weather, I've read on other forums that Danes do not care much for foreigners. I am American and my husband is from Spain. How would we be received in general? How is their driving? Crime? Bureaucracy?
8) Please add any useful information which could make a move to Copenhagen a positive or negative experience.
Kindest regards,

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