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Venezuelan on Cork (well...actually planning to..)

Hi guys,

I'm planning on moving to Ireland on December, I'd be going as an English student from the beginning but if Ireland is as I've heard I'd like to stay very much. Now, I know moving to another country is not a rash decision (even if your country's conditions practically force you to do so), I'm a 27 y/o economist and I've work as a member of the supply chain (buyer/purchase controller) and I'd like to know what are the chances of actually making a living there, I know that at the beginning I'd only be able to work part time jobs so I'd pretty much like to know what are my chances of getting both a part time and eventually a full time position in a decent company over there, and having this in mind which city would be better for this end, should I choose Dublin or Cork?

I'd like to thank each and every response in advance since not having any actual grasp of the current job market there (or the actual reality for that matter) any info received from you guys would help a lot.

Best regards.

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