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The Prague Post

During your expat adventure in the Czech Republic, one of the most important things is to keep up with the news from your new home country. After all, part of being an expat is fully being immersed in a new environment! Newspapers and other relevant media should be daily companions of any expat.

When Prague Post founding Editor-in-Chief Alan Levy wrote in 1991 that “we are living in the Left Bank of the ’90s,” he captured the optimism of a new age. 

In the past 20 years, much has changed, but what is not in doubt is that Prague and Central Europe have grown a great deal since those heady days following the fall of the Iron Curtain: Czechoslovakia no longer exists. The Czech Republic is part of NATO and the European Union, and there have been too many political scandals to count.

The run-down Bohemian charm of the Left Bank era has been slowly replaced, for better or worse, by modern office buildings and shopping malls as Prague and the rest of the country catches up with Western Europe. Škoda cars have gone from being a joke to being a respected international brand.

The Prague Post has followed the city’s metamorphosis every step of the way. And while the paper, whose first issue appeared in print Oct. 1, 1991, is older than the country itself, it too has changed, including a transition from a local newspaper targeting the expat community into a multimedia information source with global reach. July 2013 marked the end of the print era and the beginning of one that would be fully digital, as the website, which had already racked up more than 2 million page views in the preceding year, became the primary way of bringing the news to The Prague Post’s readers.

None of this could have been anticipated in 1991 when most Praguers were happy just to find a working pay phone. Much like the Golden City itself, The Prague Post has become thoroughly integrated on a global scale via its Web, PDF, and Kindle formats reaching a host of readers (upward of 120,000 every month) from all corners of the globe.

Whether it be a preview of upcoming concert, a restaurant review, keeping up with latest corruption scandal or tracking the latest investment trends, readers have come to count on The Prague Post for not just a timely recounting of events, but forward-looking analysis on regional happenings.

The mission of The Prague Post has remained simple and direct: to publish the best possible English-language news for and about the region in general and the country in particular, with a particular emphasis on news, business and culture. At present, it is one of the few English-language news about Prague and the Czech Republic that is updated on a daily basis, with its editorial staff producing articles on a range of current events.

Paul Zimmerer

"Over InterNations, I quickly got in touch with some business partners in Prague and other cities in the Eastern European market. "

Barbara Sciera

"Via Internations, I found the coziest venues and expat hang-outs in Prague - far away from the typical tourists traps."

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