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Alliance Francaise tutoring - CONFUSED (Dakar)


Dear all,

I am planning on coming to Dakar within the next few months to improve my French language skills. I've been home-schooling myself for sometime but I really need to have professional lessons in a French speaking country if I am to improve further.

I have heard good things about Alliance Francais in Dakar, but also some very varied information regarding classes and prices.

Would anyone be able to share the cost of French classes at the institute, as well as the timings? I have read in some places that classes start at specific times of the month, but elsewhere I've read that you can simply turn up and join a class. Prices seem to vary from $11,000USD to $220USD depending on what forum you're reading.

I'm currently located in Liberia and my internet connection cannot seem to deal with google translate with the alliance francaise website..

Any advice would be valued! As a side note, I'm not interested in private tutoring at this time.

Thanks in advance!

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