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Cost of living in Dakar

Hi all,

I'm an Australian currently living and working in Kampala, UG. I'm in the process of applying for a job in Dakar and as part of the application I'm required to state my salary expectation.

There is limited info online about the cost of living in Dakar and there are obviously a lot of variables.

A bit of info:
I'm in my 20s so I don't need every comfort of home but I enjoy eating out, going to bars/clubs, concerts etc. Ideally would want to live near the beach if possible, in a secure, comfortable and furnished share house. Happy to take local transport if convenient. Would hope to live near the office, which looks to be on Rue 12, a few km from the African Renaissance Monument.

Based on this (somewhat vague) information, can anyone estimate the kind of monthly wage I'd need? Keeping in mind that I'd also need to cover my health and travel insurance from this wage.

Any info would be hugely appreciated.


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