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Cost to register a scooter? (Dakar)

Hey everyone,

so I bought a 2nd-hand scooter the other day, and now I have to sort out some paper work. This guy I know via-via has promised me to sort it out for me, and gave me a list+prices of how much everything would cost. The insurance would be Protected content 1 year (reasonable), but everything else he wrote down on the handwritten paper he gave me adds up to a huge sum of money (agrement maison de transit Protected content , TSC Douance Protected content , H.A.B. Protected content , Frais transmission impots Protected content , main d'oeuvre Protected content , ...), and I have no idea what all of these things are.

So basically I would be paying nearly Protected content have it all sorted out, which is about half of the price of the scooter... Are these normal fees or am I being screwed?

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