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Dakar story


The capital Dakar, or daxaar, which means tamarind in wolof, was initially arural community established by Lebou fishermen. It is a very cosmopolitan city where can be found all the senegalese ethnic groups and other nationals from the subregional countries.
The Plateau quarter, located on a seacliff 20 to 30m high above sea-level, consists of the down town area, the independence squar, the Presidential Palace and the administration and finance.
The Medina quarter,the most popular neighborhood in Dakar, is unique for gridiron plan.
For the last couple of years, Dakar has been experiencing great changes interms of infrastructures.
For nightlifers and Dakar-by-night cognoscenti, they wil have their fill of partying and hanging out, as recreational spots such as night-club, piano-bar,restaurants,lounges, etc are mushrooming all around the city.
Anyone want visit Dakar and outside the down town area feel free to make me friend.

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