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Does anyone send their children to EAB in Dakar?

Before we buy our airline tickets to Dakar for our family and have the potential renter sign a lease to rent our house is is to get a final confirmation from the Bilingual school EAB - Protected content - that we have the two spots for our kids. Long story short there are two tracks at this school an all French and a 50/50 English/French. They informed us the 50/50 track was closed. Yet there are 2 spots in the all French. Before we confirmed we had to talk to our school here (it is a French/English school too) just to understand what we will need to do as parents to supplement the English (grammar and writing) to keep them on par when they return. After getting all our info - we have tried to communicate via e-mail to EAB to no avail in getting a response to confirm the 2 slots we want to take. And to make our payment to the school. Is this normal? When the school said it would contact everyone on May 10th - that date came and went. By the 12th we'd still heard nothing and had to call them. We speak French (sort of but it's even harder on the phone - but our goal is to become fluent once we get to Dakar) - so communication on the phone was just enough to get them to look us up in their system and verify they had us in there. That's when they sent the e-mail about not getting into the 50/50 program but offering the French track. We're thinking of asking our admissions director at our shchool to call them to help us out but if someone on this forum sends their children there it would be comforting to talk.
Thanks so much.

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