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Dog Lovers? (Dakar)


Hello. I'm new to this... so hello to all...
Myself and my boyfriend Dave have just arrived in Senegal. We're living at the moment in St Louis with our lovely dog Beni. We drove from London over the last 6 months and are planning on staying in Senegal for quite some time.
However... right now I have returned to England to work for 1 month. My boyfriend would love to join me for 2 weeks but cannot as we have our dog with us in Senegal. We would love to find someone who could look after him for 2 weeks.... he can sleep outside and is very good and lovable and great for taking for a walk. Dave can deliver him to anywhere Dakar direction....
I know its a big ask.... and probably won't get much response... but its worth a try.
Thanks Everyone!

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