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DSTV/DELTA TV/CANAL SAT Installation (Dakar)

I have a friend that is a satellite tv installer that I met thru DSTV actually. There was an ad for him on Expat Dakar. He's freelance now. He went to school in the US so of course he speaks English perfectly.

This is the ad:

Hi! My name is Mohamed and you may have seen me over the years as the head of installation for DSTV/CANAL in Sea Plaza. I am now working on my own and am offering my services to install your new satellite service (properly) and troubleshoot and repair your old system or tell you honestly if you need to replace it and how much it will cost.

I speak and write in English & French and speak Wolof as well and am available to everyone who needs service in a language they can understand. I also install Excaf & Delta TV as well.

His number is Protected content Mohamed

I hope this helps!

Sineta George
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